.rar Kelly is entrenched. The man is a club music connoisseur & cultivator and well known amongst both current & past generations of club pioneers. Yet, to many, he is relatively unknown, and that is just how he has wanted it… until now. He has secretly become a powerhouse behind the scenes on the east coast, working hand-in-hand with the likes of Starkey, Dev79 and other titans of street bass, to emerge as a serious force in the rising tide of North American club music.

As a producer, Lemz slides between a myriad of genres with a grace enviable by many. His original productions pull from Electro, Progressive House, Baltimore Club, Techno, Industrial, Minimal, Deep House, and straight up pop music - sometimes all on a single tune. At the tender age of 13, when most of us were preoccupied about sitting at the "cool table" in the cafeteria, Lemz was teaching himself to DJ. The California native was playing show he couldn't attend as a mere audience member. Lemz was playing in clubs when you were still in your backyard clubhouses.




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